Ledger trade journal publishes first issue

The issue contains 10 peer-review papers including a probabilistic analysis of the NXT “Forging Algorithm”, questions of blockchain governance and theories on social contracts. The publication was formally announced last year. They wanted to give the industry a greater incentive to participate, so they decided to create a platform on which scientists of digital currencies could publish their studies in full length.

The first issue of the news spy has been published

According to the people involved, it took a little longer. The reason was the formalization of the review process. Now that the first publication of the first issue has been completed, the editors are planning a complete publication twice a year and additional articles on the side.

Christopher Wilmer, deputy managing director and principal investigator of the University of Pittsburgh, explained CoinDesk:

“There is growing interest and activity among scientists from Princeton, MIT, Duke, Cornell and a whole list of other universities researching crypto-currencies,” Wilmer said.

Academics to be involved in the crypto industry

Wilmer explained that there have been two main inspirations for the news spy this journal. On the one hand he wanted academics to be involved in the crypto industry and on the other hand he wanted to offer a common place where scientists (even those who want to remain pseudonymous) can share their work.

The publication is funded by the non-profit crypto currency group Coin Center, while the journal is distributed by the University Library System.

The publication accepts submissions in four categories, including scientific articles that are no longer than 4,000 words and reviews that summarize relevant research topics with no more than 6,000 words.

Before an article is published, journal staff insert a hash of the final manuscript into the Bitcoin blockchain. Authors are then encouraged to sign this hash with their public keys.